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Web Architectures 2021-22

General Info
Welcome to the official site for the course "Web Architectures".

The course will be held in presence. Lectures will be recorded and available on line.
All students are expected to deliver homework during the course (see section "exam" below).

During the course
, we will start with a recap of the fundamentals of the web and then proceed with advanced topics. 

Lecture schedule
Thursday, 16:30-18:30, room A209
Friday, 11:30-13:30, room A109

  • Presentation tier
    • Markup Languages: XML, HTML
    • DOM
    • CSS (+Bootstrap)
    • Javascript - AJAX (+Angular)
  • Business logic tier
    • Spring
    • EJB
  • Data tier
    • JPA - ORM
    • Transactions
  • Miscellaneous supporting technologies:
    • HTTP
    • Java Servlets/JSP
    • RMI
    • XML
    • JNDI
    • Java annotations
    • JSON

  • Very good knowledge of OOP
  • Java
  • Networking (main concepts)
  • Database (working ability with SQL)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/HTTP/CSS
  • Basic knowledge of Web Servers (we'll use Servlets)

Tio be admitted at the final exam, student will have to deliver various small projects to be delivered during the course. Those who, for any reason, will not have delivered these project will have to present a final, comprehensive project.

Download the Final Project Assignment.

The final examination will be oral, focussing on theory.

Students will get feedback on their intermediate projects, but not a formal grading on them. Projects are meant as a important learning step, where students demonstrate (in first place to themselves) their ability to put in practice what is discussed during the course, and help keeping the pace of the course.

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