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Educational Models and Approaches - Computer Supported Learning
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Nov. 8, EMA
Our reference MOOC on Digital Storytelling:


Activity: “First, What is Storytelling?”

What do you associate with the word storytelling?

Before you do anything this unit, use this as an opportunity to put down in words what your current concept is. There is no right or wrong answer here- this is to set up your current concept of what story means.

Do not go look anything up online — We are looking for your ideas. Just write a blog post to represent a starting point to outline what storytelling means to you. More like an association exercise than a, academic treatise. What comes to mind visually when you think of the word? Think about what the word brings to mind: images, places, people, sounds. Who do you recall as telling you memorable stories> How would you describe the idea of storytelling to someone else?

Then, expand on what it might mean to introduce the word “digital”? What changes, is different, or is the same? What do you see or think of when we say “digital storytelling”?

Organize this as a post in your “Thoughts and Ideas” category (or something equivalent).

The shape of stories - http://ds106.us/open-course/unit-3-storytelling/#the-shape-of-stories

The future of storytellig (why and how storytelling works)

The Troy Library

Why videos go viral
Summing up
  • review the presented material. Make you own personal synthesis, and write is down in a post named "Synthesis of the introduction to digital storytelling"

Lecture Material | Resources

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