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Educational Models and Approaches - Computer Supported Learning
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Nov 8, LEMA
Analyze movie or a book based on Kurt Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories; this should include an graphic representing your own drawing of the arc. Did this make sense to you as a way to analyze stories? Include as well a summary of the digital storytelling example you chose.

Read the following
  • Write a short post with your comments and opinions on the topic discussed in the chapter

Google for some EDX talk about storytelling (but you may also explore something other than EDX if you want). Explore some of them (at least three: choose the ones which look most interesting to you, start listening, if you find that really interesting continue, if not jump to the next one).

Write a post describing whcih ones you explored, and for the one you liked the best write a reccommendation explaining what you liked and why.

If you can't find anything, you may start from this:

Read the following chapter.

Lecture Material | Resources

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