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Web Architectures 2020-21

Develop a web application with the following requirements:

- Front end developed in Angular
- Back end devoloped in EJB, with a Web Server layer
- Database developed using Java DB (Derby), so that it can be delivered together with the ear.

The Web App must:
- have authentication-authorization (log in)
- have certain operations which are permitted to certain users (e.g. admins) but not to others
- use (meaniningfully) both stateless and stateful beans
- use AJAX (XHR)
- have at least a page where data change continously (as if pushed by the server)
- use Angular routing
- use CSS

You can chose the domain you like (e.g. an on-line store, an on-line bank, a news system with premium features for registered users...)

Source code, ear and populated database have to be delivered.

A report must be delivered, containing:
- overall description
- technical documentation (description of the main features)
- screenshots documenting the working app
-instruction on how to install and execute it.

The project must be delivered at least three days before the exam date.

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