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November 10
  • Second part of Michael Mogessie Ashenafi's seminar on peer learning
  • We continue with the Digital Storytelling MOOC
see links on Nov. 6

  1. ACCESS Example Stories on the Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling (EUODS) website.
  2. EXPLORE the categories located at the left side of the page.
  3. CHOOSE a the topic you will use for your digital story (may be included or not in the categories).
  4. DESCRIBE the digital story you plan to create and include the following information in your description:
  • the preliminary title of your digital story (you may change this later)
  • the intended audience the main educational ideas or objectives of your story
  • how you think your digital story could be used in an informal learning environment
  • the main idea or theme you want viewers to know after watching your story
(This is a slight variation of the assignments of week one of the Digital Storytelling MOOC.)


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