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Assignment 3
"Document” is custom class (i.e. a class that you build), which is able to keep a set of strings (an arbitrary number of strings), and to print them. It has methods "addString" (which appenda a String at the end of the Document) and a method "toString" (which overrides the toString method of the Object class) used to print out the Document.

A server shows a remote method “addTimestamp” with a parameter of type Document. The method adds the string "Viewed on "+timestamp in the Document.  

A client will create a Document, and ask the  server to add the timestamp. At the end the client prints the content of the Document. 

If possible, try to use two different (virtual) machines: one for the client and one for the server.

Deadline Oct.22, 23:59

You have to deliver:
- source code
- a report.

The report must have the following structure:
  •   Title Page
    • containing date, title (RMI DEMO),  your name)
  • Introduction
  • Implementation
    • Describe how you implemented the solution
  • Deployment
    • Short description of the main points of your code
  • Comments and notes (optional)
    • any problems encountered during the project development
    • Any other comment
zip the code, and send the zip and the report via e-mail (possibly renaming the zip as zi_)
to : marco.ronchetti at unitn.it
with subject: 2017-WebArch-Assignment03

Before embarking in the project execution, I strongly suggest to follow the Oracle tutorial on Java RMI: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/rmi/overview.html

Copy the code, and run everything on your machine.

Lectures > in depth

Learning material

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