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Lectures > Lesson 9: Introduction to EJB (Oct 18) > in depth
Lesson 9: Introduction to EJB (Oct 18)

Session beans 2017.ppt.pdf
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VIdeo of part 1 (three simple slides) not yet loaded

Video is now avalable! Use CHROME to view it - other browsers might have problems

Part 1: Reminder about jars and JavaBeans - not yet available, but it is som simple stuff

Part 2: Introduction to EJB: http://latemar.science.unitn.it/cad/lecture.html?content=lectures/WebArch17/Lecture9b

Part 3: EJB 3.0: http://latemar.science.unitn.it/cad/lecture.html?content=lectures/WebArch17/Lecture9c

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