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Web Architectures 2020-21

Assignments > 2nd DELIVERY > in depth
Create a Netbeans project named with your surname + 2 (eg., for me it would be Ronchetti2) and containing a webapp with the same name.

Create a Derby database named DELIVERY2DB with username username and password pw.
The database must be located within your Netbeans project.

Create a table where usernames and passwords are kept.
Populate the table with a record containing "user1" and "pw1".

The web app must be composed by the following conponents:

A loginServlet asks user for username and password, checks in the database if a username with that password exists:
if not it gives an error message and asks username and pw again,
else it creates a session and proceeds to the main servlet.

The mainServlet shows the user name and the current time, and it allows to change password and to delete the session. The mainServlet is protected by a filter.

The filter checks if the session exists, if not it redirects to the loginServlet.

Deliver the Netbeans project by zipping it and uploading it onto piazza, in the folder “delivery_2” as a private message to the instructor.

Deadline: 23:59, Oct 9.

Assignments > in depth

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