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Web Architectures 2020-21

Assignments > 3rd DELIVERY > in depth
Create a Netbeans project named with your surname + 3 (eg., for me it would be Ronchetti3) and containing a webapp with the same name.

On-line newspapers often offer a broadcasting of live events, such as soccer matches. We can outine the architecture of such an app in the following way:

a page, accessible only to the journalist, allows to add one-liners such as
"Leo Messi is going to be substituded by another player, because he's not feeling good after the fault on him."
Readers who connect to the newspaper page that broadcasts the match will get that line.

Typically, the readers' browser will every few seconds (say 15) ask the server if there is anything new, passing a token which identifies the last seen line.
The server will respond to the requesting browser passing all the lines, which have a token greater that the one sent by client, or the info that there is nothing new.
The browser will update the page with the info (the page is in the style of Single Page Application, and will update only what is needed, without performing a reload but only adding the new lines in a suitable place..

The initial token passed by a browser that is starting the connection will be 0.

 You should implement a solution without using a database, and describe your choices in a report that explains what your app does. Zip the project and the pdf in a file having the same name as the project.

Upload it onto piazza, in the folder “delivery_3” as a private message to the instructor.

Deadline: 23:59, Sunday Nov 1.

Assignments > in depth

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