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Web Architectures 2020-21

Assignments > 5th Delivery > in depth
5th Delivery
Given the list of members of the Scottish Parliament, available at (https://data.parliament.scot/api/members)
create an angular application that lists the parliament members (showing their name, and if the PhotoUrl field is not empty add an icon to show that the photo is available).

Every name is linked to a personDetail page that:
Use routing to allow moving between the two pages (the lists, and the personDetail).

Deploy the application serving it from the Tomcat embedded in Netbeans (i.e. create a simple Web project having your name in Netbeans that delivers the transpiled angular app, even as a static page).

Write a report using the following structure:
  • Title Page containing date, title , your name
  • Introduction (problem statement, description of the domain)
    • 2.1 Implementation (report and comment the most relevant pieces of source code and config files)
    • 2.2 Deployment (screen shots of your app running, documenting the various steps)
    • 2.3 Comments and notes (any problems encountered during the project development, any other comment)
Create a zip having your name, containing:
  • the Tomcat project
  • the report
  • the Angular sources
Upload it onto piazza, in the folder “delivery_5” as a private message to the instructor.

Deadline: 23:59, January 17 if you plan to take the exam on Jan 21, else February 13 (last deadline, also for taking the exam in the summer).

Assignments > in depth

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