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Educational Models and Approaches - Computer Supported Learning
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Nov 9, LEMA (2x) > Starting with the toy project > in depth
Starting with the toy project

1) Explore some story examples

2) Decide what story you want to tell. Your story will have to be approximately:
  • Two hundred and fifty words ,
  • a dozen or so pictures , and
  • two minutes.
Do not write the script yet!) and figure out some details.

3) In groups of three, present your story idea to your peers, get their reactions and suggestions.
Is the proposed story interesting? Does it have the Aristotle elements? How could it be made more interesting and  compelling?
Groups: (Denis Andrea Serena) (Lucia Francesca Claudia) (Stefania Carolina Alice)

4) Write the script and publish it on the blog

5) Sketch the Storyboard. When done, upload it on the blog.

Nov 9, LEMA (2x) > in depth

Lecture Material | Resources

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