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PhD Theses
  1. Tao Peng (2015) Modeling and Compostion of Environment-as-a-Service
  2. Angela Fogarolli (2009) Discovering Semantics in Multimedia Content: An Approach for Bridging the Semantic Annotation-Retrieval Gap
  3. Anna Trifonova(2006) Towards Hoarding Content in the M-Learning Context
  4. Paramjeet S. Saini (2006) Ontologies and Machine learning techniques for addressing re-usability issues in e-Learning
  5. Stefano Cozzini (1995)

My students > in depth


Various Stuff
- Daddy: sistema per la pubblicazione di videolezioni

- The LODE system

- Io e Wikipedia

- Carta servizi per studenti con disabilità e BES

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