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Assignment 7
Prepare a static mock-up for a system that has the functionalities of the discussed prototype for annotating videolectures. Deliver the mock-up an a report which explains it (with the raionale for the choices). Deadline: Wed., Nov. 22, 23:59.
The delivery can be done individually or  in group (two to three persons). On Thu., Nov 23 thee will be a discussion, where the proposed soutions will be discussed in class - so be ready to present yours.

As discussed in class, the scenarios are ones represented in the mentioned slides. Do not care about the specific buttons shown in the mentioned slides: rather base you considerations on the following specification:

Phase 1 - attendance to the lecture. It can be in class, or at home for students who could not be in classs.

1) In class, during the lecture, students can access a web app and ask for an image of what is being projected on the screen in that moment. They can annotate that image, Annotations can be:
- drawing of simple shapes, such as e.g. lines, arrows, circles etc.
- text boxes.
- free-hand drowing (or writing).
There an be anchors represening annotations, and anchors can be placed anywhere.

2) At home (for students who could not be in class):
Students can view the videolecture (which is composed by two video streams and by the commands for controlling them, which might e.g. be similar to the example we discussed -(http://latemar.science.unitn.it/LODE/LinguaggiDiProgrammazione/14-JavaFX-Riepilogo/ but with two synchronozed video streams instead of a video and an image). They can perform the same actions described at point 1 (but the interface needs to allow taking notes also when the videos continue running) 

Phase 2 - reviewing the learning material

3) Students must be able to view the list of their notes, while watching the videolecture (which is again composed by the two videostreams). They must be able to browse the notes, and using them jump to a particular section of the videolecture.

The main problem to address is what is the best way to fit all these options/widgets on screen (or hide/reveal some of them).

Learning material > in depth

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