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Assignment 4

Install Wildfly.

Write an enterprise bean which exposes methods for giving a string containing the date and the time of the day.

Deploy the enterprise bean on WIldfly.

Write a client (a standard Java app) which connects to the bean, asks twice the method on the bean and writes the result on screen.

You have to deliver:
- source code
- a report.

The report must have the following structure:
Title Page containing date, title (Accessing an enterprise bean), your name)
Implementation (report and comment the source code and config files)
Deployment (screen shots of your app running, documenting the various steps)
Comments and notes (optional: any problems encountered during the project development, any other comment

Send it via e-mail to marco.ronchetti at unitn.it, subject 2017-WebArch-Assignment04. Rename the zip file with extension .zi_ and attach it to the message.

Deadline:Sunday, Oct. 29, 23:59

Lectures > in depth

Learning material

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