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Assignment 5
Write a simple app to manage students in a University.

The app is composed by a storage tier, reachable via ORM.

The storage tier offers the folllowing functionalities:
- add course
- add student to course
- given a student, find all the courses s/he is enrolled in
- giiven a course, find all the students enrolled in the course.

Access to the storage tier can be done via three different clients:
- a local client (traditional Java Desktop app)
- a remote client (via RMI)
- a remote client (via EJB)

zip the code, and send the zip and the report via e-mail (possibly renaming the zip as zi_)
to : marco.ronchetti at unitn.it
with subject: 2017-WebArch-Assignment05

Deadline:Sunday, Oct. 12, 23:59

Lectures > in depth

Learning material

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