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Assignment 7
Discovering a java class
In the provided jar (see here below) there are two classes.

zipped jar file

Find out:
- What is their name?
- Where do they inherit from?
Only for the outer class:
- which methods are exposed by the class (ignore the inherited ones)?
- what is every public method doing? Try to guess what is the meaning of their params. (suggestion: try to run each method).

You have to deliver:
- source code
- a report.

The report must have the following structure:
  • Title Page containing date, title (Discovering a java class, your name)
  • Introduction (problem statement, description of the domain, i.e. which data will you be dealing with?)
  • Implementation (report and comment the mos trelevant pieces of soure code and config files)
  • Deployment (screen shots of your app running, deocumenting the various steps)
  • Comments and notes (optional: any problems encountered during the project development, any other comment
zip the code, and send the zip and the report via e-mailto : marco.ronchetti at unitn.it

Deadline Dec  9, 2017 23:59

Lectures > in depth

Learning material

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