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Web Architectures 2020-21

General info
Welcome to the official site for the course "Web Architectures".

This page can be reached using https://tinyurl.com/WebArch2020-21)

The course is fully given on-line.

The official and only communication channel among students and teacher is Piazza. Students must enrol (by using their account @studenti.unitn.it - don't forget "studenti"!!) into the course: https://piazza.com/unitn.it/fall2020/webarchitectures. First sign-up, then log-in. Enrolled students will have access to course notifications (including interactive zoom sessions). All communications will happen via Piazza. Students who are not interested in the course any more, can cancel their enrolment.

Shoud you have any problem with the enrolment to Piazza, you can directly contact the teacher via e-mail.

  • Presentation tier
    • HTML + DOM
    • CSS (+Bootstrap)
    • Javascript - AJAX (+Angular)
  • Business logic tier
    • Spring
    • EJB
  • Data tier
    • JPA - ORM
    • Transactions
  • Miscellaneous supporting technologies:
    • HTTP
    • Java Servlets/JSP
    • RMI
    • XML
    • JNDI
    • Java annotations
    • JSON

  • Good knowledge of OOP and Java
  • Networking (main concepts)
  • Database (working ability with SQL)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/HTTP/CSS
  • Basic knowledge of Web Servers (we'll use Servlets)

Tio be admitted at the final exam, student will have to deliver various small projects to be delivered during the course. Those who, for any reason, will not have delivered these project will have to present a final, comprehensive project that will be assigned at the end of the course.

The final examination will be oral, on theory.

Students will get feedback on their intermediate projects, but not a formal grading on them. Projects are meant as a important learning step, where students demonstrate (in first place to themselves) their ability to put in practice what is discussed during the course, and help keeping the pace of the course.

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