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Elegibility 2007/8
Courses Syllabi > D. Security and privacy - Prof. Fabio Massacci > in depth
D. Security and privacy - Prof. Fabio Massacci
This course has two facets: first, it will introduce technological aspects of security and privacy relevant for eGovernment These includes techniques for secure data exchange (to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and non repudiation), for secure data storage (how to prevent attacks aiming at extracting stored information), and for ensuring privacy-preserving release of information (that is, ensuring that users cannot infer information they should not be able to know by collecting and combining pieces of data). The second facet involves legal and contractual aspects: it will discuss which are the legal constraints typical of eGovernment applications and how to write contracts and service level agreement related to security and privacy.

Courses Syllabi > in depth


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