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Elegibility 2007/8
Courses Syllabi > E. Principles of Public Management - Prof. Andrea Francesconi > in depth
E. Principles of Public Management - Prof. Andrea Francesconi
The course is divided into four parts.
The first part is meant to provide a primer about the political and administrative system. The role, the principles, the structures and the functions of the public institutions are presented and placed in public sector boundaries. Some distinguish elements of different levels of governments, from central to local, from domestic to supranational entities are provided in order to show the complexity and diversity inside the public realm.
The second part focuses on the main concepts of public law and e- procurement that strictly defines the boundaries for the real exercise and functioning of the managerial paradigm within public administrations.
The third part gives the very concept of “public management” and the main developments it is undergoing. The rationale for this part is to get a shared understanding of a set of key concepts of public management which will be used extensively throughout the Programme and to introduce the functions where public managers are ask to be engaged.
The fourth part explores the different managerial tools implemented within the different kinds of public administrations and their peculiarities compared to the same tools while implemented in a private for profit context and the emerging issue of public governance both at national and international level.

Courses Syllabi > in depth


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