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Master Students

One of the project's aims is to support training activities and knowledge acquisition and sharing among students of the EASTWEB consortium.

Master students from the participating Asian partner spend a 5-10 months period in one of the two European hosting institutions: University of Innbruck, Austria and University of Trento, Italy.

The following is the list of the performed mobility.

    Name Surname From To Start date End date days months Advisor e-mail
1   Anusha Joshi AIT UNITN 31-10-2006 22-03-2007 142 5 Ronchetti anusha dot joshi at gmail dot coml dot com
2   Walaikak Suwampong AIT UNITN 31-10-2006 24-02-2007 116 4 Ronchetti lucky_be_yours at hotmail dot comail dot com
3   Qi Ju JLU UNITN 11-09-2006 30-07-2007 322 11 Giunchiglia qi dot ju02 at gmail dot comcom
4  Hao Xu Xu Hao JLU UNITN 8-05-2007 26-01-2008 263 9 Giunchiglia hao at disi dot unitn dot  com it
5   Xin Liu JLU UNITN 5-07-2007 19-02-2008 229 8 Bouquet xinliujlu at gmail dot comm
6   Li Kainuo JLU UNITN 29-09-2007 22-02-2008 146 5 Giunchiglia likainuo at 163 dot com
7   Abha Baidya AIT UNITN 4-12-2007 31-03-2008 118 4  Raman (FBK) hi_abha at yahoo dot comm
8   Arun Prasad Mohan TATA UNITN 11-09-2007 28-06-2008 291 10 Crispo mohan dot arunprasad at gmail dot com gmail dot com
9   Mathew Joseph TATA UNITN 11-09-2007 28-06-2008 291 10 Crispo + Serafini mathew_joseph31 at yahoo dot comhoo dot com
10   Sreejith K. Vaghyar TATA UNITN 11-09-2007 28-06-2008 291 10 Crispo sreejithvadhyar at gmail dot comdot com
11   Duntuluri Pradeep Varma TATA UNITN 29-12-2007 3-06-2008 157 5 Ronchetti pradeep122 at gmail dot com com
12   Shu Wang JLU UNITN 16-01-2008 25-10-2008 283 9 Bouquet wangshu83 at gmail dot com com
13  Ye Jiang Ye Jiang JLU UNITN 16-01-2008 25-10-2008 283 9 Giunchiglia jiang dot ye dot china at qq dot com qq dot com
14   Cheng Yilun JLU UNITN 3-07-2008 18-12-2008 168 6 Giunchiglia btwbtwbtwbtw at tom dot comot com
15   Puapermpoonsiri Panasan AIT UNITN 1-06-2008 4-01-2009 217 7 Giunchiglia Panasan dot Puapermpoonsiri at gmail dot comonsiri at ait dot ac dot th
16   Chatvorawit Piyatat AIT UNITN 1-06-2008 4-01-2009 217 7 Giunchiglia piyatat at disi dot unitn dot itdot it
17   Jiajitvanich Kenjana AIT UNITN 1-06-2008 4-01-2009 217 7 Giunchiglia kanjana at disi dot unitn dot it dot it
18   Fedor Bakalov AIT UIBK 1-02-2007 15-07-2007 164 5 Ying Ding fedor dot bakalov at gmail dot comail dot com
19   Krissada Chalermsook AIT UIBK 14-11-2007 23-02-2008 101 3   krissada at shinawatra dot ac dot tht ac dot th
20   Supasak Kulawonganuchai AIT UIBK 2-07-2008 2-01-2009 184 6   ksupasak at gmail dot comom
21   Zhengzue Jia JLU UIBK 5-02-2007 8-09-2007 215 7 Ying Ding zhengxue dot jia at yahoo dt como dot com
22   Peng Sun JLU UIBK 14-05-2008 26-10-2008 165 6   sp_light627 at yahoo dot comot com dot cn
23   Lianglong Wu JLU UIBK 5-07-2008 30-12-2008 178 6   wll20003 at 163 dot comm
24   Chengyang Li JLU UIBK 5-07-2008 30-12-2008 178 6   lichunyang111 at 163 dot comot com

  1. Li Kainuo: “Application of Facet classification to knowledge management” (final document in Chinese)
  2. Sun Peng: “Research on Ontology Reasoning Based on Description Logic in Semantic Web”
  3. Xu Hao : “MANAGING COMMUNITY OF PEERS BASED ON SEMANTIC WEB” (final document in Chinese)
  4. Pradeeep Varma: Wikipedia as a Semantic resource
  5. Ju Qi: “Reasoning Service for Rule-based Tourism Ontology” (final document in Chinese)
  6. ZhongXue Jia: “Research on UTO Ontology Building and Application”
  7. Liu Xin: “Research and Realization on Instance-based Data Matching in Semantic Web” (final document in Chinese)
  8. Shu Wang: “Design and R ealization of O ntologyInstance-Based Data Matching Based on Semantic Web”
  9. Je Yiang “A BNF Syntax Unifying Dmoz and Yahoo Labels and Its Implementation”
  10. Yilun Chen: “Research on Discretized Data Methods Based on Rough Set Theory”
  12. Fedor Bakalov: “An Ontology-based Approach to Designing Information Architecture of Websites”
  13. Mathew Joseph “Design and Implementation of ephemerizer system”
  14. Sreejit “Enforcement of Access control Methodologies”
  15. Supasak Kulawonganunchai “MashupSheet :  a Web Integration Platform for Interactive Visualization Applications”


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