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Software Platform
Software Platform
  • This web site is run using the SEGUE CMS. Segue is  an open source collaborative content management system designed for e-learning that combines the ease of use of course management systems with the flexibility of weblogs for creating various types of sites including course, news, and journal.
  • Our digital library is run using JeromeDL.  JeromeDL is a joined project between the Main Library of Gdansk University of Technology and DERI. International-University of Galway. JeromeDL leverages achievements of both Semantic Web and Web 2.0 research and development (social semantic information sources) – to deliver user/communities friendly environment for gaining and sharing knowledge.
  • During the Schools we use Semantic Mediawiki, an extension of MediaWiki – the wiki-system powering Wikipedia – with semantic technology, thus turning it into a  semantic wiki. While articles in MediaWiki are just plain texts, SMW allows users to add structured data, comparable to the data one would usually store in a database. SMW uses the fact that such data is already contained in many articles: users just need to "mark" the according places so that the system can extract the relevant data without "understanding" the rest of the text. With this information, SMW can help to search, organise, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content.
  • For running the EASTWEB Community Network we use DSpace.

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