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Asian Semantic Web Conference
ASWC 2009
ASWC 2008
ASWC 2007
ASWC 2006
Asian Semantic Web Conference

One of the objectives of the EASTWEB project was to launch, organize and manage a new series of conference: the Asian Semantic Web Conference.
Goals of the conference series are:

  • To present the results in the Semantic web research in Asia;
  • To promote the research and application activities in the topic of semantic Web in Asia;
  • To absorb concentration and grants from industry in Asia;
  • To disseminate the achievement of EASTWEB;
  • To advertise the Asia-link program activities
The project successfully launched the series, that started in 2006 in China,  continued in 2007  in Korea, 2008 in Thailand  and will have the next event in 2009 in China.


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