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Curriculum Vitae
Marco Ronchetti is Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Università di Trento.

He graduated in Physics in 1979. After spending one year with a Post-Doc position at the
IBM-T.J.Watson Research Center in the USA and after complying with the Military Service duty, he became Researcher in Theoretical Physics (Statistical Physics-Condensed Matter) at the University of Trento.

His scientific interests have been focused on Computer Simulation of Liquid, Amorphous and Quasicrystalline Many Body Systems for approximately 15 years. He collaborated with scientists in USA and Germany exchanging visits and contributing to the field with 30 publications.

In the mid of the 90’s his interest drifted towards computer science themes, initially in the web and software engineering areas, and in the most recent years on e-learning and on extraction of semantic information from text. In these areas he has  approximately 70 international publications.

He has been responsible of the local unit of the Education track in the Knowledgeweb Network of Excellence (2004-2007), and he is coordinator of the  EASTWEB European project (Asia-Link framework). He is also director of the Master in e-Government at the Università di Trento.
In the past, he has been Rector’s Delegate for the Web and the on-line Services, and department’s delegate for e-learning,

Since 1991 he has been teaching various courses in Computer Science. He has been advisor of several theses (laurea) in Mathematics (8) Physics (5), and over 90 theses (master, laurea and diploma) in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Many of the Information Technology related theses has been done in collaboration with local enterprises (in Trento, Bolzano, Verona, Vicenza and Milano).

He has been advisor of three PhD students in Computer Science who succesfully got their degree in 2006 and 2008.

He has been member of the Physics Department (1983-1995), the Information and Management Studies Department (1995-2001), and to the Information and Communication Technology Department thereafter.


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