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Wieland Schwinger
Department of Informationssystems , Johannes Kepler University Linz, AUSTRIA

  Home page: http://www.schwinger.at/

I am currently assistant professor at the Department of Telecooperation (TK) of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, AUT. Studying economic informatics and computer science at the Johannes Kepler University and
University of Skövde, SWE, respectively, I received my PhD in economic informatics from the JKU in 2001.

My current research interests comprise Web engineering in general and modeling of Web applications in particular. With respect to the type of Web application my research focuses on so called ubiquitous Web
applications requiring to adapt to the context of use for enabling an anytime/anywhere/anymedia access. This focus is in line with my PhD thesis on modeling of ubiquitous Web applications and my prior experiences as senior researcher and project manager of strategic research projects at the Software Competence Center Hagenberg in the area of modeling customizable Web applications. Additionally, my research interests comprise conceptual modeling, model engineering and mobile computing.

Just recently, some results of my work led to a contribution in the book "Web Engineering" by Kappel et.al. accompanying more than 35 other publications in the area of Web modeling and ubiquitous web
applications. I have been involved in several national and international in the area of Web applications of which the EU funded project "Ubiquitous Web Applications (UWA)" and the EUMEDIS funded project "Mediterranean by Internet Access (MEDINA)" are of most relevance to the general subject of this summer school.


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