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Luis Antonio Olsina
Facultad de Ingeniería de la UNLPam (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa), ARGENTINA

 Home page: http://gidis.ing.unlpam.edu.ar/home/personas/olsina/olsina.htm

I am an Associate Professor in the Engineering School at the National University of La Pampa, Argentina, and heads the Software and Web Engineering R&D group (GIDIS_Web).

My research interests include Web engineering, particularly, Web quality assurance strategies, quantitative evaluation methods, Web metrics and indicators, Measurement and Analyses for CMMI, and ontologies for the measurement and evaluation domain. I authored WebQEM, i.e., the Web Quality Evaluation Methodology.

 I earned a PhD in the area of software engineering and a MSE from National University of La Plata, Argentina.
 In the last 9 years I published over 60 refereed papers, and participated in numerous regional and international events both as program committee chair and member. Particularly, I co-chaired the Web Engineering Workshop held in US in the framework of ICSE 2002 (Int’l Conference on Software Engineering); the ICWE 2002 congress (held in Argentina) and ICWE 2003 (held in Spain) IDEAS’04 (held in Perú), in addition to LA-Web’05 and WE track at WWW’06 . I have been an invited speaker at several conferences and professional meetings, and presented tutorials and graduate courses in different countries.
I participate in the Editorial Board (as associate editor) in the Journal of Web Engineering. I am an IEEE Computer Science and SADIO member.


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