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Luisa Mich
Dipartimento di Informatica e Studi Aziendali, Università di Trento, ITALY

 Home page (research):

I am an Associate Professor of Information Systems Design and Web Engineering at the University of Trento, Italy.

My current research interests include Web site quality, requirements engineering, and linguistic tools in semantic annotation. I formulated the 7Loci (2QCV3Q) meta-model for the evaluation of Web site quality. My ongoing research deals with the applicability of the model to the analysis of initial requirements for Web sites and to the classification of requirements generated in creativity sessions. I head the area of research dealing with tourist Web sites as part of destination management within the e-tourism group in the Faculty of Economics.

Recent activities include the following roles:
  • Co-Chair of the 14th Int. Conference for ICT in Travel & Tourism, 2007 Ljubljana in Slovenia;
  • Co-organizer of the WEE-NET Summer School, 2006 Trento.


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