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The WeeNet Project
Summer School
Web Engineering:
designing web applications
for the Now Economy

Trento, June 19-30 2006

The Computer and Management Sciences Department and the Department of Information and Communication Technology of the University of Trento organize the "First Summer School on Web Engineering" of the Web Engineering Network of Excellence (WEE-NET, an European ALFA project).

The purpose of the school is to provide an introduction to Web Engineering methods and modeling languages. In many economic and social sectors, a web site plays a strategic role in the so called “now” economy that is based on 7/24 online services. Lessons learned from failures of the new economy and the demands of the now economy call for a systematic approach to Web site development according to the Web Engineering methodologies.
The school, which is based on a problem solving approach, will provide the state-of-the-art answers to these needs.

School Organizers

prof. Luisa Mich
Computer and Management Sciences Department
University of Trento
tel: +39 0461 88 2150
e-mail: luisa.mich@unitn.it
web: www.economia.unitn.it/etourism/
prof. Marco Ronchetti
Department of Information and Communication Technology
University of Trento
tel: +39 0461 88 2033
e-mail: marco.ronchetti@unitn.it
web: latemar.science.unitn.it

Wee-Net Local Coordinator
prof. Mariangela Franch
Computer and Management Sciences Department, University of Trento
web: www.economia.unitn.it/etourism/

Wee-Net Project Coordinator
prof. Symeon Retalis
Department of Technology Education and Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, GREECE


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