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The LODE system (described below) is now obsolete. It has been replaced by LodeBox - see here (in Italian)

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LODE is a software for low-cost acquisition of  lectures (specially if based on slide presentations). The (good quality) audio and video (640x480 pixels, interpolated) can be accompanied by images of the slides projected in class (for Power-Point-based lectures), and by tools for navigating the lecture (by section title, by other indexes or through a time-bar). LODE also allows attaching arbitrary documents to any point of the lecture. Also, it allows producing DVDs with a whole course on it (a full 50 hours course nicely fits on a single DVD). Single lectures can also be downloaded from the internet.

The advantages provided by the system include:

  • the ability for worker students to attend regular lectures, breaking space and time barriers;
  • the ability for all students to recover lectures lost due to forced absence (e.g. illness);
  • the possibility to chose a non-standard temporal organization, deciding not to be present at some lecture (elective absence);
  • support for foreign students who might have difficulties with the Italian language (they would benefit from the possibility of re-hearing portions of lectures);
  • symmetric support for Italian students attending to courses given in English (as presently are all the higher level courses – Laurea Magistralis);
  • the possibility to review fragments of a lecture at any time, to check own notes and understanding.

The system was developed at the Università di Trento by Marco Ronchetti's group (see credits ?)

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